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Welcome to the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The perfect surroundings to ride Foxtrotters!

They are gentle, friendly horses  that have comfortable gaits, are level headed and sure-footed.  The foxtrot is an incredibly smooth gait that eats up the trail.  Bred in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri and Arkansas, Foxtrotters are a perfect trail horse for the rocky terrain of the Black Hills. And Foxtrotters can do so much more than trail riding.  Reining, cutting, jumping, dressage, endurance, driving, packing... the list could go on.

I've been trail riding almost every summer weekend for three years now and those times have been some of the best of my life.  I've enjoyed meeting many other trail riders and their wonderful horses.  I hope you can come out to the Black Hills and ride.

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For those of you that don’t know me, I bought my first foxtrotter around 1975. I loved the breed then and I have used other breeds since then, but I couldn't wait to come back to foxtrotters. I started to learn natural horsemanship about 2004, and natural hoof care 2007, and I am sold on both. I rode both mares 2006 and 2007 pretty much using just a halter and a rope for a bridle, whether we were on the trail, in a parade, or showing off the breed at the local horse Expo. I started using natural horsemanship with my colt and in 2007 a friend broke him to ride the natural horsemanship way.

August of 2007 my plans for the future were drastically changed. I was in a car wreck and I became a quadriplegic.  My husband has too much on his plate, he’s not a horse person, I can’t expect him to take care of my horses and feed them every day, take the fun lessons in my place, and go on trail rides with my friends (I don’t want to miss all the fun!). My horse friends have taken care of my horses since my accident, which has been a blessing.  But with the way things were with the injury I couldn't ride  my babies had to find new homes.

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I hope your interest is piqued to learn more about this breed. If so, just click on the links to see more.

If you are ever in the Hills, maybe we can hit the trails!

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